It's all about the data. You can't run a successful campaign without quality data or an understanding of what data "lives" in eComm. Find everything related to data here. If you can't find what you're looking for, submit a ticket in our Help Portal or contact your eComm specialist

Data Map 
Knowing where data "lives" in eComm is the first step in identifying a list to send your email campaign to. Find eComm's data map in this section. 

Data Dictionary 
Knowing what codes are populating each field is the next step in building an email list. Find field translations in this section. 

Upload Lists 
Do you have an Excel spreadsheet that contains contact information of your constituents and that you want to use for eComm campaigns? Don't keep it locked up in that spreadsheet! Upload your list so we can load it to the eComm database. 

Data Load Schedules 
Find out when specific populations are loaded to the eComm database. For example, did you know that May graduate data is loaded in the fall? 

Registration & Privacy 
One of the ways we engage CU constituents is via online communities where they can update their contact information, search a directory, register for events and identify email preferences. Learn about how we protect data and privacy in our online communities in this section. 

About Advance 
eComm data comes directly from Advancement's database, called Advance (a Sungaurd Higher Education product). Learn about the Advance database in this section.