Volunteer Oppotunities CU Anschutz Medical Campus

Volunteer to be a Health Mentor Health Mentors are volunteer adult community members who have one or more chronic conditions or diseases. Volunteers may also have disabilities such as spinal cord injury, hearing/vision impairment, brain injury or others.

Health Mentors help CU students understand the impact of living with a chronic health condition or disability. They share their health history and experiences related to medication management, health access, wellness and psycho-social aspects of care.

Mentors meet four times during six months with an assigned group of five to six CU health profession students. Sessions are two hours and meet at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora. Contact: David M.Weil at (303) 724-8074 or Email: david.weil@ucdenver.edu. The website is www.ucdenver.edu/reachmentor

Host or Participate in CU’s Mini Med School CU’s Mini Med School connects the public with the programs at the CU School of Medicine on the Anschutz Medical Campus. If you’re interested in approaching the medical field or are curious about the latest trends in medicine, you can apply to be a host or sign-up to attend a Mini Med School. It is an eight week series of free informal lectures suitable for high school students to adults. The lectures, taught by CU medical professors range from topics in science and medicine to cancer and human behavior to anatomy to immunology. Contact: J. John Cohen, MDCM, Ph.D., at john.cohen@ucdenver.edu or (303) 724-0348. Minimed school email is SOM.MiniMed@UCDenver.edu and its website is http://medschool.ucdenver.edu/minimed

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