Aurora LIGHTS You can volunteer to help with Aurora LIGHTS (LeadInG the way to careers in HealTh Sciences), a pipeline program that encourages and supports educationally and economically disadvantaged students who pursue careers in the health fields and biomedical research. The program provides services and resources to students across the academic spectrum including elementary, middle and high school, as well as undergraduate and professional schools. Contact (303) 724-5586. Homecoming and Campus Events If you have an interest to get back on campus, there are several annual events that need volunteers. Contact

Career Support Provide information and/or opportunities to students and alumni at the University of Colorado Denver. The CU Denver Career Center offers many exciting resources for your organization to connect with top talent and establish name recognition at the campus.

  • Just ASK!

  • Job Link and Online Job Postings: Communication of employment opportunities to UCD students and alumni for which applicants can directly apply. NOTE: Re-disclosure of candidate information is prohibited without a candidate’s written consent.

  • On-Campus Interviewing

  • The process by which employers with current or anticipated job vacancies schedule campus interviews. Only qualified candidates are allowed to request and/or sign up for interviews.

  • Career Fairs*

  • Events attended by many employers/organizations offering information about their organization and career opportunities.

  • Information Tables*

  • Reserve tables located in high student traffic areas. This allows employers to talk to a larger number of possible candidates. Tables are rented on a per-day basis.

  • Partnering and Sponsorships

  • There are additional opportunities for employers to become involved with the Career Center or to connect with students (critiquing résumés, conducting presentations, sponsoring events, etc).

Services that require a fee are marked with an (*).