February 19, 2016

Colorado Springs Gazette: Colorado Lt. Gov Joe Garcia not in favor of capping college tuition rates

Garcia, who also is executive director of the Colorado Department of Higher Education, said there seems to be no other alternative.

"Our Governor and the Legislature don't have the flexibility to provide more money to higher education - our budget constraints are simply such that they cannot do it," Garcia said.

In an attempt to restore some of the state funding lost during the recession, higher education coffers saw increases of $101 million in fiscal year 2014-2015 and $90 million this fiscal year.

"This year that's not the case," Garcia said. "This $20 million cut is only 3 percent, yet is still significant when our institutions have been underfunded and had to rely on tuition."

Reductions to higher education and other sectors are needed to help cover an expected deficit of $189 million in the current year's budget and offset increased costs in K-12 education and Medicaid.