There are many touch points at which CU supporters and alumni can engage with our four campuses. The CU Advocates program helps to organize and promote myriad volunteer and engagement opportunities.

Because there are so many, we recommend that if you have an interest in volunteering, please call or send us an email. We can’t guarantee an immediate match, but we will do what we can to connect you to CU in a meaningful way. Here is a sampling of volunteer opportunities that may interest you.

Recruit Advocates for CU Campuses

The CU Advocates program encourages alumni and friends of the university to communicate the vital importance of the University of Colorado campuses throughout the state, and beyond. If you have friends who care about public higher education and CU, encourage them to join the CU Advocates network.

CU Advocacy Day at the State Capitol

Participate in the annual CU Advocacy Day at the State Capitol to hear directly from elected officials about the state’s priorities and challenges. Learn how the state budget works and meet fellow alumni, CU leaders and your elected officials. Contact: Connie Johnson at or (303) 831-6192.

Host a Legislative Coffee

Host a “meet and greet” with an elected official at a local venue of your choice.We assist with inviting other advocates in the area to meet the legislator. The small gathering would be to talk about the value of CU and public higher education in the state. The goal is for the legislator to engage with constituents who are strong supporters of CU and who then build a relationship with that legislator. Contact: or call (303) 860-5622.

Host a Community Event

Effective advocacy requires a strong grassroots effort, and hosting a town hall-style event in your community is a great way to educate and motivate CU supporters regarding the challenges and opportunities facing the university. If you’re interested in hosting a community event, please email or call (303) 860-5622.

Invite a Faculty Expert to Speak at Your Company or in Your Community

CU is home to faculty experts who span every sector of industry and culture. Hosting a faculty expert to speak at your company helps to engage the public in the work CU is doing, but it also further demonstrates the value the university brings to the state’s economy and quality of life. If you are interested in finding a CU faculty expert to speak on a topic, please contact or (303) 860-5622.

Tour a Campus

Each CU campus has distinct characteristics and offers an array of laboratories and facilities where teaching and ground-breaking research take place. We can work with you to arrange tours for your organization to see first-hand the work under way at a CU campus. The tours can be tailored to specific industries. If you’re interested in a tour, email or (303) 860-5622.

Host a New Student Reception

You can host summer receptions for new students and their parents to welcome them into the CU community. If you are interested in hosting a new student reception at your home, email or (303) 860-5622.

Volunteer opportunities on each campus