The University of Colorado's advocacy program was created to build a network of educated and engaged people who care about the university and are prepared to promote its educational, research and economic contributions to Colorado and beyond. Through grassroots and leadership advocacy, CU Advocates also will help to raise awareness about legislative and policy issues affecting higher education.

You can become a CU Advocate today, it's free and simple, but very worthwhile. SIGN UP HERE

Who is a CU Advocate?

We are inviting all CU students, parents, faculty, staff, donors and alumni, as well as business leaders, community members and friends to become a CU Advocate.

What a CU Advocate can do?

By becoming a CU Advocate you play a role in building awareness statewide of:

  • The value a CU degree brings to a graduate’s quality of life.
  • CU’s significance as an economic driver with work force development, new jobs, cultural activities and health care delivery.
  • The importance of private donations.
  • Legislative issues important to CU.
  • The danger of diminished state funding for higher education.
  • The need for a sustainable funding solution for higher education.

Why is CU doing this now?

  • State tax funds to support public higher education have decreased from 20.3 percent to 9 percent of the state general fund since fiscal year 1990.
  • This year, 5.5% of CU's total budget comes from state funds.
  • Funding for higher education is still less than it was in 2008.
  • The governor's and legislators' hands are tied by a lack of funds and constitutional amendments.
  • Colorado needs healthy research universities that produce a highly educated workforce, grow our economy, attract business and industry, and engage in research that generates jobs, creates companies and improves lives.
  • We need advocates promoting the value CU brings to the state’s economy and quality of life to enlist their support to ensure we remain healthy.

As a CU Advocate you:

  • Stay apprised of critical higher education legislative and policy issues.
  • Learn about CU’s value and contributions to Colorado and beyond.
  • Help ensure that CU’s voice is heard around our communities and throughout Colorado, in the state Capitol, and in Washington, D.C.
  • Participate in CU Advocacy Day at the Capitol each spring to get informed about important higher education legislative matters and meet with legislators.
  • Receive timely legislative email updates and social media postings.
  • Volunteer at a CU campus of your choice, host a CU event or legislative coffee in your community, and invite a CU expert to speak at your business or in your community on relevant topics.
  • Receive invitations to CU events, including CU Advocates-only events with university leadership.
  • Help shape policy and public opinion by using the advocacy tools provide on this site and in advocacy emails. These tools will make it easy for you to share your CU message with the media and community members. Occasionally the CU Office of Government Relations will issue calls to action to contact your legislator when critical issues arise. Find your elected officials.
  • Share your story of CU’s importance to Colorado and to you personally. These stories help put a face on the university and will provide compelling evidence for state investment in higher education.