Connect with Global PEO Services (GPS)

You’ve found your next team member or a current employee has been approved by your department to work remotely outside of the United States. It’s time to initiate your partnership with Global PEO Services to set your employee up for compliant payroll, benefits and taxation.

Hire a CU Global Employee


You have identified a CU Global Employee new hire or existing employee moving to remote work outside of the United States.


It’s time to initiate a partnership with GPS by reviewing the PEO pre and post-agreement process and submitting the Generate a Quote form to GPS in order to determine next steps in servicing the employee within compliance regulations of the country in which they will work.

 Before you reach out to GPS, review the US vs Global Hire Cost Comparison to understand examples of basic costs associated with global hires.


Once GPS receives your request, they will schedule a consultation to discuss the proposal and the exhibit individualized to your hiring scenario. This will enable you to ask questions and make an informed hiring decision.


It’s time to make an informed hiring decision.


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