Building the Foundation

Business Case for Change and Value

  • There are currently many systems across CU involved in understanding and fostering strong relationships with our constituents. CU employees who work in recruiting and admissions, student success, and advancement will benefit from a strategic solution because it will allow CU to approach CRM in new and innovative ways that are more coordinated and efficient.
  • Results of the Business Value Quantification will feed into our business case for change, as well as inform targets for defining success.

Change Management

  • The CU-wide CRM effort will involve changes to people, processes, and tools currently in place at CU. Change management is the application of a structured set of methodologies and tools to ensure the human side of change is addressed and managed. A successful change initiative requires input from those who will be affected so that we can meet people where they are at and move the organization through the transition as responsibly as possible through a combination of communication, training, stakeholder management, sponsorship, and culture considerations.
  • In order to fully deliver the expected value, change management strategies and plans will be formulated to best prepare our impacted community to be successful in the future state.