On May 1, we upgraded our financial reporting system from Cognos 10.2.1 to Cognos 11. The upgraded version, called CU-Data, offers additional features beyond those found in a simple reporting system. For a period of time (through FY 2017 year-end), you'll have access to both the new CU-Data and the old Cognos/CU Reporting System. After that, only CU-Data will be available.

Accessing CU-Data

Log in to your campus portal. On the CU Resources page, select Reporting and Compliance, CU-Data.

To access the old Cognos/CU Reporting System (available through FY 2017 year-end), select Reporting and Compliance, Public Folders (or My Folders).

New homepage, new navigation

Search lets you find reports through keywords (e.g., trial or detail).

m-Fin LAUNCH suggests reports to run to accomplish specific tasks, depending on your Speedtype, Org, or Project characteristics.

My content is a folder in which you can save content - such as saved report views, shortcuts, and Query Studio queries - for your own use.

Navigate the Team content folder to get to all reports. Reports are listed in alphabetical order.

Recent lets you quickly access recently run reports

Running reports

Your m-Fin reports and report prompts look the same.

  • Your action icons (Save, Run As, Previous Report) are now on the left side of your screen.
  • The Re-Run option is now available under the Run As icon dropdown.
  • Report drills generally open in the same tab.
  • Use the Previous Report icon to return to your original report.

Report views and queries

Do you have Report Views or Queries saved in My Folders in the old Cognos/CU Reporting System? You’ll want to check out our How-To video: Copying 'My Folders' Content to CU-Data.