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Processing Journal Entries

Journal Entries are created in the PeopleSoft Finance system when you need to make an entry to the general ledger that is not coming from a subsystem. The most common uses of journals are: making corrections to a financial transaction on a SpeedType, and recording activity in accordance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), such as accruals, allowance for bad debts, and inventory adjustments.

Journal Entry Process Overview

Creating Journal Entries

Adding & Viewing Attachments

FIN allows you to electronically attach journal entry supporting documentation, rather than having to deliver the supporting documentation to your approver via email or inter-office mail.

Reversal Journal Entries

Adding and Changing Journal Entry Lines

Editing Journal Entries and Correcting Errors

Posting Journal Entries

Printing Journal Entries

Using Notify on Journal Entries

Submitting Journal Entries

Copying Journal Entries

Cash Transfer Journals

Approving Journal Entries

Approving Journal Entries

Spreadsheet Journal Entries

Using spreadsheet journal entries will allow you to upload journal entries with a lot of lines into FIN, or, to use the spreadsheet for recurring journal entries that you create on a routine basis

Using the Journal Entry Spreadsheet

Journal Blackbox

Administering Workflow for Journals

Specialized instructions for the campus finance staff.