Effective Date: 6/15/10


When you add a new line to a journal, you can choose how the ChartFields copy down from the previous line onto the new line. You can have the fields copy according to the default template...or you can select another template...or you can select a template and then modify it. This applies to any type of journal (actual, budget, etc.).

  • The default copy down is known as the FOPPSA template. This template copies the following ChartField values: Fund, Org, Program (or Project), Subclass (if present), and Account. Strictly speaking – it also copies down certain other basic ChartFields, such as Business Unit (always UCOLO), Ledger, and Budget Year.
  • There is another template available for use, although it does not default for you. This is the Account template and it copies down the Account but not the FOPPS. (It also copies down Business Unit, Ledger, and Budget Year.)
  • No matter what template you pick, you can identify specific ChartFields that you do, or don’t, want to copy down to new lines. And you can always make changes, subsequently, to the lines themselves

Download the Journal Entry Copy Down Template Step-by-Step below