What is Fiscal Certification?

As required by the Administrative Policy Statement Fiscal Certification, officers must complete an annual Fiscal Certification, attesting that the University’s fiscal practices are being performed in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies, and that any irregularities brought to light have been or will be addressed appropriately. Through this process, officers share responsibility for the University’s annual institutional certifications and representations.

To access the Fiscal Certification and Fiscal Assessment, you must be within the University network. If you are working outside the network, you must establish a secure connection through VPN.

For assistance with VPN, contact your campus IT helpdesk:

  • Boulder:303.735.4357
  • Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus: 303.724.4357
  • Colorado Springs: 719.255.3536
  • System: 303.735.4847

Download the Completing the Fiscal Certification Process Step-by-Step below