Do you run m-Fin Reports and want to know more about what’s behind the numbers? Whenever text is underlined and in blue, you can click on it to run the m-Fin report that shows the next level of detail.

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  1. Want to know more about what’s behind the numbers in your m-Fin Report? First, run your report.
  2. Notice all the amounts in blue? Click on any amount.
  3. A new report opens in the same tab.
  4. If you like, you can drill down even further.
  5. These drills function just like your original report -- you can run them to different formats using the Run As icon, reset prompt values, or print fully formatted versions.
  6. To go back to your original report, click the Previous Report icon on the top left of your screen.

Note: Don’t use the browser’s back button for this!


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