M-FIN Fiscal Roles

Effective Date: 10/06/2014

When would you run the Cognos m-Fin Fiscal Roles?

1. To review finance fiscal roles by SpeedType, Organization Code, Organization Node, or Position Number.

2. To identify if a SpeedType Fiscal Staff role is an Approver, Reviewer, or Both.

Getting Access

University employees with a Fiscal Role on a SpeedType, or with access to the PeopleSoft Finance System, automatically have access to the Cognos M-Fin Reports. Additional information can be found here.

Logging In & Running Your Report

1. Log into your campus portal and locate your CU Resources section.
2. Under the Reporting area, select the Public Folders link.
3. Select the LookUps folder, then the m-Fin Fiscal Roles. Enter the appropriate search criteria.

Reviewing the Cognos m-Fin Fiscal Roles

M-Fin Fiscal Roles