We've implemented Fluid navigation in the Finance System - what does this mean to you?

On Sunday, February 21, 2021, the Finance System (FIN) was updated as part of an annual PeopleSoft maintenance cycle. With this update, the "Fluid" user interface that has been in place in the campus portal and HCM for several years has been applied to FIN. 

Fluid is designed to create a better user experience on both mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and large-screen devices (laptops and desktop computers). The application detects the screen size of the device being used and adjusts how content is presented so that it "flows" in the optimal way. The most immediate change you'll notice in FIN Fluid is a streamlined and graphical navigation that utilizes tiles, as opposed to utilizing the dropdown text of the "Classic" PeopleSoft menu.

With FIN Fluid implementation:

  • You still log in to your campus portal and click on the familiar Finance tile to access FIN.
  • Once in FIN, your Finance System Homepage looks very different, presenting you with a collection of tiles that populate based on your FIN profile/roles.

  • When you click on a tile (e.g., the General Ledger tile, or the SpeedType tile), you either see a navigation menu on the left or you transfer directly to a transactional page.
  • Transactional pages do not have significant changes from what you've been used to.

Note that any Favorites you may have set in FIN in the past are still available in the updated FIN Fluid.

Get acquainted with FIN Fluid

We have resources to help you get familiar with the fluid navigation in FIN:

  • Check out the short training videos and interactive exercises: see the Related Resources box at the top right of this webpage.
  • Watch our recorded "mini-webinar." Note: We’ve implemented “chapters” in the embedded video player, which makes it easier to navigate to specific sections of the recording.

Questions & Feedback

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