COLTT 2018 ​Café Pédagogique at Fiske Planetarium

The new format of last year's Café Ped was met with an overwhelming positive response. Join us for a competition in verbal gymnastics, stumping the Grand Poobah, exchanging ideas, and sharing laughs with COLTT colleagues over delicious food and drink!

What is it?

Café Pédagogique is a lively discussion of teaching and learning with technology in a friendly and relaxed environment with food and access to beverages
of your choice. 'Café Ped' was created for the COLTT conference in 2008 and has been a part of the conference ever since. It is based on the internationally
popular Café Scientifique that is similarly relaxed and participatory. In 2010, another Café Péd was introduced in the form of monthly meetings on the Anschutz Medical Campus. COLTT is honored and encouraged by the recent popularity of Café Peds hosted by other higher ed conferences.

Where is it?

The 2018 Café Pédagogique will be held at the Fiske Planetarium, just steps away from the Wolf Law Building.
Conference parking is available until 9:00pm.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for Café Ped as part of the COLTT Conference registration. It is an additional event to the regular COLTT Conference schedule with a cost of $35.