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Tuition Assistance Benefit Applications now open

Tuition Assistance Benefit applications for the spring 2020 semester are now being accepted in your employee portal.

The University of Colorado faculty and staff who want to save money on their or their dependent’s spring tuition bill may begin by submitting the Tuition Assistance application through the employee portal. If a dependent will be using the benefit, the employee must submit an application on their behalf.

CU’s Tuition Assistance Benefit gives qualified employees up to 9 waived credits per academic year (fall through summer). 

An eligible employee may give their Tuition Assistance Benefit to an eligible dependent or split it between multiple dependents utilizing the benefit at the same CU campus. Dependents have two options for tuition assistance: Option A – Home Campus and Option B – Other Campus. For more information on dependent options, click here

Dependents attending the same campus where the employee works at can use Option A-Home Campus to receive for up to 9 credits per academic year.  Dependents attending a different campus than where the employee works can use Option B-Other Campus for $270/credit hour for up to 9 credit hours per academic year.  Dependents of CU Boulder employees attending the Boulder campus can receive a 30% tuition discount each semester that they apply.

To receive the benefit, an application must be approved by the posted deadlines. Employee Services will determine Tuition Assistance Benefit eligibility, the campus registrar will determine course eligibility, and the campus bursar’s office will verify adherence to registration policies.


Access the application

  1. Log into the employee portal.
  2. Open the CU Resources dropdown menu and select Forms.
  3. Click the Career Advancement tile, then click the Tuition Assistance Application tile.

Visit our website for full details. 

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