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Take the mystery out of CU health plans with this on-demand course

Decoding the complex ins and outs of health plan coverage, copays, out-of-pocket limits and more can be puzzling. That’s why Employee Services developed an on-demand resource, updated each year, to explain all your options in detail and take the suspense out of making your annual Open Enrollment decisions.

The Basics of CU Health Care and Pretax Savings on-demand course will help you understand the features of each medical, dental and vision plan offered by the university. Taking this course is a great way to check in and make sure your plans are meeting your current needs, whether you ultimately decide to choose a new health plan or keep your current plan.

Information on how you can save money on your health care expenses with one of CU’s optional pretax savings plans is also available.

“Our workforce has diverse needs, so the university offers a variety of coverage options and savings plans,” said Deborah Lowe, the outreach program manager for Employee Services. “There is something for everyone. As your needs change over time, we want to make it easy for you to understand your options so you can make informed decisions.”

The course is available in English and Spanish and offers a comprehensive overview of the essential features of each plan, including information on what your current plan offers and links to valuable plan resources.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees shifted to fully remote work and relocated out of state. Others may have eligible dependents who’ve recently left Colorado for school and work. Open Enrollment is an especially important time for people who have gone through changes in state residency to make sure they’re covered by a plan that works for their family inside and outside Colorado.

Remember, while you can update some components of your health plans in response to qualifying life events throughout the year, you can only change your health plans during open enrollment.

Watch the Basics of CU Health Plans and Pretax Savings course now to ensure you are prepared for the annual Open Enrollment period from April 17 – May 5.

Click here to view the course and learn more about CU Health Plans.

Look up your current plans

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the CU Resources tab. (If you are a CU System Administration employee, skip this step.)
  3. Open the CU Resources Home dropdown menu, and select Benefits & Wellness.
  4. Select Benefits Summary. Your benefits for the current plan year will display.

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