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Stay well with the help of CU's total preventive package. Better yet: It's free

Preventive care is a popular term in health care circles, but what does it mean to the average person? Basically, it means taking care of yourself so you can avoid illnesses and injuries. There’s a lot you can do on your own – like eating right, exercising and getting adequate sleep. Preventive care is not exactly rocket science but regular checkups and professionals help can play a vital role.

CU Health Plan members have many options for preventive health care services and wellness programs, so a professional opinion is never far away.

While there are a variety of resources and services to choose from, an annual wellness check is a great place to start. Each life stage presents different health challenges that require you to consider approaching health care differently. From childhood to the twilight years, and every decade in between, preventive tactics will differ. And, of course, men and women have different health care needs.

If you want a better conversation with your doctor, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers a great tool for understanding preventive health measures at every age. Use their tool to gather general information before visiting your doctor.

The best part about CU Health Plan’s preventive benefits is that they’re completely free. Your CU Health Plan covers a variety of services, including wellness checks by your doctor, blood cholesterol screenings, various cancer screenings, free flu shots and more. If you have a covered spouse, domestic partner or other dependents, they receive free preventive services, too.

Hopefully, you’re able to visit the doctor but if you can’t, it’s easy to receive important health information through yearly biometric screenings each spring.

As the saying goes, “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” If you’re looking for ways to maintain or improve your health, take advantage of the free preventive options available through your CU Health Plan. 

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