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Stay on top of your game this holiday season

Health and wellness is important to feeling your best every day, but it also plays an important role in your productivity, relationships and hobbies. Maintaining your health includes nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management and mental health. However, it can be difficult to live a healthy lifestyle due to daily work and life demands. Unhealthy habits can lead to illness, increased stress, and ultimately, a decline in productivity.

CU offers free online resources to help you maintain healthy habits without drastically changing your lifestyle:

Be Colorado: Be Colorado offers several wellness and benefit programs to promote fitness, weight loss, smoking cessation, mental health, and health services. These include CU Health Plan – Move, Omada and others. Visit their website for more details.

Online Learning Resources: Skillsoft and LinkedIn Learning, available through the employee portal, have accessible courses and videos with tips on keeping your personal wellness in check.

Skillsoft -  

Enter one of the titles below in the Search Content field and select the tab for the type of resource (Books, Resources, or Videos):

  • “Well-Being: Productivity and Happiness at Work” (Book), 215 pages
  • “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: The MBSR Program for Enhancing Health and Vitality” (Book), 232 pages
  • “The Corporate Wellness Bible: Your Guide to Keeping Happy, Healthy, and Wise in the Workplace” (Book), 261 pages
  • “Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximizing Your Resilience and Well-Being” (Book), 8 pages
  • “Employee Exhaustion: Managing a Well-Balanced Workload” (Resource), 6 minutes
  • Keeping Health and Well-Being on Your To-Do List (Videos), 3 minutes

LinkedIn Learning -

Click Search and enter one of the titles below:

  • “Thriving at Work: Leveraging the Connection between Well-Being and Productivity,” 41 minutes
  • “Arianna Huffington’s Thrive 01: Discovering Meditation and Sleep,” 57 minutes
  • “Balancing Work and Life,” 28 minutes







For more information about accessing online learning resources, visit the Professional Growth and Training website.

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