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Save your sick days at upcoming campus flu shot clinics

Decrease your chance of catching the flu this season. This year, CU faculty and staff can protect their health by attending flu shot clinics on a CU campus, hosted by Employee Services and Kaiser.

Employee Services Clinics:

CU Health Plan primary members (CU Health Plan-Exclusive, CU Health Plan-Extended, CU Health Plan-High Deductible & the CU Health Plan-Kaiser) and covered spouses can receive a free flu shot at their campus clinic. Registration is required, and they must present their CU Health Plan ID card (Anthem or Kaiser) upon arrival. 

Not a CU Health Plan member? You can still receive a flu shot for $28 (via cash, check, Visa or MasterCard) at the time of immunization.

UCCS Clinics:

UCCS clinics are hosted by Kaiser Permanente. These are open to all CU employees and their spouses, regardless of health coverage. Attendees will receive a flu shot with no out-of-pocket costs. Vaccinations are on a walk-in basis, and no registration is required.

Find a Kaiser Clinic here.




Clinics are for benefits-eligible CU employees and spouses only. Students and dependent children are not eligible.

Can't attend a clinic?

Find flu shot services for both students and employees at your campus health center: 

CU Denver: Health Center at Auraria

CU Boulder: Wardenburg Health Center

UCCS: Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center

CU Anschutz: Campus Health Clinic

Learn more about the 2017-18 flu vaccine on the CDC website

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Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is YUNXIANG LIU, a first-year PHD student in CU Boulder. As a student employee, may I ask if I'm eligible to take the free flu shot?

Employee Services

Hi Yunxiang!
Student employees are not eligible to receive flu shots. However, as a CU Boulder student, you can receive a flu shot at the Wardenburg Health Center on campus.
Here is the link with more information:

meredith Lopez

I have Kaiser through CU Denver as an employee; can I still sign up for an Oct. 2 appt. as I wasn't sure if this qualifies as Employee Services Clinic? Thank you

Employee Services

Hi, Meredith!
You can sign up for the Oct. 2 flu clinic! As a CU employee, you can attend any clinic for a flu shot. As you work at CU Denver, you don't have to worry about what type of clinic as Kaiser clinics are only located at UCCS.
As an account holder of CU Health Plan - Kaiser, you can receive a free flu shot from the CU Denver Oct. 2 clinic. 

Martha Palmer

I have an e-mail confirming an appointment for my flu shot September 27, at Kitteredge Central, Multipurpose Room, Section A.  I signed up for 12-1.  I went there, but the door is locked an on one is there.  Has this clinic been rescheduled to another time or day?

Employee Services

Hi Martha!
We do not have any flu shot clinics available until October 2. There is a flu shot clinic October 27 at Kitteredge Central at that time. 


I feel there was mass confusion over the clinic at Anschutz campus on 10/6/2017. Along with others, we stood outside the clinic at 10:40 only to be told there was an exam going on in the room. I checked the TV monitor on the main level and it stated flu clinic 8-noon. I checked the website which said 1-4. I went back at 2 and the line was the length of the entire corridor and wasn't moving. My hope is some clinics are added. Surely 2 partial days of clinics isn't enough for a campus this size.

Employee Services

We apologize if there was any confusion with the CU Anschutz flu shot clinics.
When planning for next year's clinics, we will take your suggestion into consideration. 

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