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Quick on the uptake: Microlearning teaches you a new skill.

Sitting on the bus on your way home from work? Waiting for an appointment with nothing to do? Have a few spare minutes? Employee Services has developed microlearnings with short, effective lessons that last.

Each guide begins with a self-assessment of your current knowledge. Then, you can watch a short video and follow a plan to apply your newfound knowledge.

Here's a quick overview of available guides:

  • Learning How to Learn - It may have been a while since you have stepped foot in a classroom/learning environment. Discover how to mentally prepare yourself to learn and be successful at the end.
  • Setting Goals - Understand the benefits and process of setting achievable, short-term and long-term goals for your professional and personal life.
  • Feedback - It may be hard to give and receive constructive feedback, whether it's during a high-pressure situation or not. Learn how to handle this delicate subject.

After you have completed the microlearning, enhance your learning journey by taking advantage of the tools available on Skillsoft and, located in your employee portal. 

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