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Prepare for performance reviews with and Skillsoft

It’s time for performance reviews, and we want to help make this a positive experience for supervisors and employees. With and Skillsoft, you can learn how to create, give, receive, and use feedback to benefit your performance. 

Providing Feedback

The Performance Management Learning Guide consolidates Skillsoft resources into a streamlined resource guide. This webpage walks you through the process from short videos and printable aids to full-length courses and books in Skillsoft and

Receiving Feedback

At times, it may be hard to take constructive feedback and use it to improve performance. Take advantage of the resources below to start mastering how to respond to and act on the feedback you are given.


Receiving Feedback – Develop techniques to unleash the power of constructive feedback in your own development in this hour-long course.

Responding Appropriately to Feedback – Don’t have time to take a course? Consider the three actions to respond to feedback in this SkillBrief.

Responding to Feedback – Learn from example by watching and analyzing an appropriate feedback situation in this 5-minute video.

Giving and Receiving Feedback – Pick up skills in receiving, and even giving, high quality feedback in this 45-minute course.

Find full details of CU’s 2018 performance cycle on the Employee Services website.

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