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This October, give yourself a shot of good health at campus flu shot clinics

The least wonderful time of year is here: Flu season. Okay, okay, there's a lot to love about the fall. You can delight in seeing the turning leaves, but to truly enjoy the view, you'll want to avoid being part of the population that contracts the flu virus. Give yourself a shot at good health by attending a flu shot clinic on a University of Colorado campus in October.

Flu shots are free for CU Health Plan primary members and their spouses and non-CU Health Plan members can pay 26 dollars for a shot. Other insurance carriers may be accepted. Note: Clinics are not open to CU students at this time.

If you're a CU Health Plan member and can't make it to a clinic, don't worry. You're eligible for a free shot at your doctor’s office or pharmacy. If you carry health insurance but it's not accepted at our clinic, you may be able to receive a free shot at your doctor's office.

Find a clinic on your campus.

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