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New international employees: Schedule your required appointment with the International Tax Office

Employee Services' International Tax Office is a valuable resource for international employees and stipend recipients who are paid through payroll.

This is why the University of Colorado requires all new international employees (students, staff, faculty members and researchers) and stipend recipients to schedule an appointment with an International Tax Specialist.

Why do I need an appointment?

During your appointment, a specialist will help you with important matters such as identifying your tax status, explaining applicable tax rules, determining eligibility for tax treaty benefits, clarifying your personal tax filing requirements, helping you complete employment related tax forms and providing an understanding of your personal responsibilities as a U.S. taxpayer.

Prepare for your appointment:

  • Bring your passport, I-94 and immigration documents (I-20, DS-2019, EAC, H1B approval, etc.). A Social Security number is not required for the appointment, but if one has been issued, be sure to bring it.
  • Plan to review your entire history of presence in the United States, including previous visits in different immigration statuses.

Book yours today

It's best to schedule your appointment as soon as you are hired and ideally before you receive your first paycheck. However, it can take three to six weeks before an appointment is available.

If you can't schedule an appointment before receiving your first paycheck, it will not affect your ability to work or receive paychecks. When necessary, Employee Services will retroactively adjust your pay to ensure it is taxed correctly.

Schedule your appointment


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