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New international employees must meet with an International Tax Specialist

All new CU international employees (including students, staff, faculty members and researchers) must meet with one of Employee Services' international tax specialists to determine and document their U.S. tax status.

Prepare for your appointment with this Q&A:

Question Answer
Why am I required to have an International Tax Appointment? What is the purpose of the appointment? To comply with federal tax regulations, the university requires that international employees meet with an International Tax Specialist to determine and document their U.S. tax status.

During your appointment, we will explain the U.S. payroll tax rules that apply to you and help you complete related tax forms. You should leave the appointment with a good understanding of your U.S. tax residency status and personal responsibilities as a U.S. taxpayer. 
What should I bring to my appointment? Please bring your passport, I-94 and immigration document (I-20, DS-2019, H1B approval, etc.) to our scheduled appointment. Be ready to discuss your entire history of presence in the United States, including previous visits in different immigration statuses.

A Social Security number is helpful but not required for your new employee appointment.
How do I make an appointment? Schedule an appointment through the online scheduling system.
When should I schedule my appointment? It's best to schedule an appointment as soon as you are hired at CU and ideally before you receive your first paycheck. However, these appointments fill fast, so there may be a wait during busy times of the semester. Employees Services can retroactively adjust your pay to correct withholding errors that may result from a delayed appointment.

If you begin working in the fall, please ensure you've completed your appointment before the end of the calendar year to avoid complicating your personal tax filing process.
How can I contact an International Tax Specialist? Reach us by email at

For more information on tax appointments, click here

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Param Chengappa

Hello, I have been trying to fix an appointment with a Tax specialist but haven't been successful in doing so. I would appreciate some help. I am an International student employee. 

Employee Services

Hi Param!
It may take a while to schedule a tax appointment due to limited space. 
Here is the link to the online scheduling system:
On the system, you can select the campus you are on and your employment type. From there, you can find openings to schedule an appointment. 
If you are still having difficulties, you can email to speak with an international tax professional. 

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