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Make time for professional development

When you juggle multiple projects and deadlines, professional development may be thrown to the sidelines. Successful employees understand the value of continually developing their skills, but don't always know how to make time.

Employee Learning & Development recommends the following methods to make time and invest in your growth as a professional:

  • Schedule time: If you have certain days with a lower workload, this is a great day to set aside time for learning. Whether half an hour or four hours, hold yourself accountable to devoting this time to your professional growth.
  • Create a plan: Determine which skills you want to improve, set a goal and find resources that will help you meet that goal. Visit Skillsoft and (soon-to-be LinkedIn Learning) for resources to develop your chosen skillset. 
  • Find support: Notify your supervisor and co-workers that you are making professional development a priority. They may provide support and act as mentors.
  • Identify obstacles: Determine factors that are holding you back from using professional development resources and find solutions to tackle obstructions. For example, if you find yourself forgetting about it, post reminder notes on your desk.
  • Find resources you enjoy: Research shows that we will retain more information if we enjoy the format of our learning. If you are a more hands-on learner, search for courses and learning paths on Visual learners can browse Skillsoft's professional development videos. Those who take thier time learning can find books on Skillsoft that are in line with their professional development goals. 

Access resources to learn about making time for professional development (soon-to-be LinkedIn Learning)


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