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Invest in your future with the Healthy, Wealthy and Wise talks

Do you feel it would benefit you and your coworkers to learn more about benefits, finances and retirement? The Healthy, Wealthy and Wise program gives you direct access to this information. Your supervisor simply needs to request it. 

If you're a supervisor, hosting these talks is an excellent way to invest in your team and help them take full advantage of the benefits provided by the University of Colorado.

What is the Healthy, Wealthy and Wise program?

Employee Services works with TIAA and PERA to bring you and your colleagues valuable benefits and financial knowledge in the form of lunch and learns, workshops and presentations.

Here are five great reasons to ask your supervisor to request a seminar for your department:

  1. This program is a benefit offered by CU, and these presentations are offered at no cost to you or your department.
  2. Experts from Employee Services, TIAA and PERA deliver trustworthy knowledge and advice for now and in the future.
  3. Over 20 presentations are available to choose from, with topics ranging from the basics of CU Health Plans to fundamentals of PERA or the CU 401(a).
  4. We’ll come to you and your coworkers when it’s convenient, whether that’s before, during or after work hours. It's a great fit for department meetings.
  5. It’s easy. All your supervisor needs to do is submit their request online and choose a presentation topic, date, time and location. We’ll provide them with fliers, online registration as well as room booking, if needed.

If your supervisor would like to learn more and request a presentation for your department, they can visit the Employee Services website

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