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Employee Services now accepting Tuition Waiver Benefit Forms for 2017-18 academic year

Did you know that CU offers a tuition benefit for eligible CU classes? In an effort to provide accessible educational opportunities, CU employees and their eligible dependents can receive a discount for most CU credit-bearing courses.

For Employees: 

Employees may waive up to nine credits per academic year for undergraduate and graduate classes on any CU campus. 

For Dependents:

Dependents can choose between two tuition benefit options: Option A - Home Campus or Option B - Other Campus. For a detailed explanation of each option, watch our quick video.

NOTE: The individual using the benefit must be accepted as a student on the campus they anticipate attending to receive the tuition benefit.

Ready to apply?

The Tuition Waiver Benefit Form is now available in the employee portal. Here's how to access it and apply:

  1. Log in to your campus portal.
  2. Select the NavBar icon in the top right-hand corner of the portal.
  3. Select CU Resources.
  4. Select Forms.
  5. Open the Forms Library.
  6. Scroll down to Career Advancement and select Tuition Waiver Benefit Form

If a dependent is using the benefit, the employee must waive their benefit and submit the form on the dependent's behalf. If your dependent is not listed on your CU medical, dental or life insurance, the Dependent Eligibility Verification Form must be completed and attached to the Tuition Waiver Benefit Form in the portal.

Submit your form before the deadline: 

Campus of attendance Deadline to submit Tuition Waiver Benefit Form
CU Boulder Aug. 14
CU Denver/AMC Sept. 6
UCCS Sept. 7

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Leonard Martinez

Hello, if you using the employee tuition waiver benefit option are the classes free of charge? Or will there be expenses I will need to pay?

Employee Services

Hi Leonard!
Employee tuition waiver benefit only covers the cost of nine credits of tuition. Campus fees, student fees, books, taxes, remaining tuition and any other expenses are not covered by the benefit.
If you wish to talk to a benefits professional for more information, email or call 303-860-4200, option 3. 

Sepideh Afsari

I missed the deadline (Aug.14) but the classes has not started yet. can I still submitt the application form?

Employee Services

Hi Sepideh,
As the CU Boulder deadline has already passed, you may not submit the Tuition Waiver Benefit form for the fall semester.
To apply for Tuition Benefit for Spring 2018, the deadline to submit the form is Jan. 2, 2018. 


Are we able to take classes at a campus that is different from the campus we're employed at?

Employee Services

Hi Lindsay!
Yes, employees are able to take classes on any CU campus, regardless of the campus of employment. 


Is the tuition benefit valid at the WICHE campuses?

Employee Services

Hi Dayna,
Tuition benefit is only valid on a CU campus.

Jeff Schweinfest

Someone told me that the tuition benefits can't be used for certain classes in the MA in Administrative Leadership and Policy Studies, with a concentration in Higher Ed Leadership. Which classes are they and why can't the tuition benefit be used for these classes (if that is the case)? Thank you.

Employee Services

Hi Jeff!
We suggest reaching out to your campus registrar's office as they determine class eligibility for tuition benefit waivers. 

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