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Employee Services now accepting Tuition Assistance Benefit forms for Fall 2018

With the University of Colorado’s fall semester start just around the corner, you or your dependent may be preparing to take classes at a CU campus. CU helps you save on tuition rates with the Tuition Assistance Benefit. 

What is the Tuition Assistance Benefit?

This benefit provides employees and their dependents tuition at a discounted rate for most CU credit-bearing courses, in an effort to provide accessible educational opportunities.

In order to receive the benefit, eligible employees must meet each individual step-by-step deadline listed on our website for their campus of registration, as well as follow all policies.

PLEASE NOTE: The benefit only applies to the cost of tuition. Employees are responsible for any remaining costs and campus student fees, in addition to applicable taxes per IRS guidelines

How much of a discount can I receive?

Employees may waive up to nine credits per academic year for undergraduate and graduate classes on any CU campus, regardless of campus of employment.

Dependents can choose between two tuition benefit options: Option A – Home Campus or Option B – Other Campus.

Option A applies to a dependent attending class on the employee’s campus. CU Boulder employees can receive a 30 percent tuition discount for their dependents, while other campuses can waive up to nine credits per academic year.

Option B allows dependents to attend undergraduate classes at other CU campuses. Eligible employees will receive around $270 per credit hour for up to nine credits, adding up to $2,430 per academic year.

What classes can I take with the benefit?

Employees can take eligible undergraduate and graduate classes on any campus.

Dependent classes depend on the option they choose. If a dependent uses Option A – Home Campus, they may take eligible undergraduate and graduate classes. Under Option B – Other Campus, dependents may only take eligible undergraduate classes.

Do I have to be pursuing a degree to use this benefit?

You do not have to be a degree-seeking student to enjoy this benefit. Apply before the semester begins by completing a non-degree application to take classes informally. You must be enrolled as a student on the campus you are attending and taking a credit-bearing course to use the benefit.

How do I apply?

Visit the Tuition Assistance website to fully understand how the benefit works before you apply.

  1. Log in to your campus portal.
  2. Select the NavBar icon in the top right hand corner.
  3. Select CU Resources
  4. Select Forms
  5. Select Tuition Assistance Benefit Form under the Career Advancement tab

If a dependent is using this benefit, the employee must waive their benefit for the academic year and submit the Tuition Assistance Benefit form on the dependent’s behalf.

If your dependent is not listed on your CU medical, dental or life insurance, complete the Dependent Eligibility Verification Form and attach it to your Tuition Assistance Benefit form in the portal.

When is the Fall 2018 deadline to apply?

Campus of Attendance Tuition Assistance Benefit Form submission deadline
CU Denver/Anschutz Sept. 5
UCCS Sept. 6
CU Boulder Sept. 14

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Kristi Hatakka

What is the easiest way to see what courses are offered at UC Denver downtown and Anschutz campus?

Employee Services

Hi Kristi!
Here is the Course Catalog for CU Denver's courses:
For AMC, Nursing and Public Health courses (except PUBH 6606 and PUBH 6955) are eligible for the benefit. 

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