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Eating well - or getting a good night's sleep - has never been simpler, thanks to Zipongo

Eating healthy just got so much easier. 

Zipongo is a digital nutrition platform built to make healthy eating easier for busy people. Using surveys, smart recommendations, push notifications, health data and more, the application develops personalized plans to help users have a better, healthier lifestyle. 

Zipongo empowers people to make better decisions about what to eat - whether at home, work or on-the-go.

Can't sleep? Zipongo even has some nutritional tips to help you with that

Check out these other features that can help you stay on track: 

  • Library of Recipes
    • Choose from Zipongo's nearly limitless supply of healthy recipes. Members can choose from different categories of recipes, like "Kid-Friendly," "Can't Cook," "30 Minutes or Less," or "Low Calorie."
  • NutriQuiz Insight
    • ​​Users can input daily intake of key nutrition areas versus daily targets or limits using the NutriQuiz. After completing the short quiz, members can click on each nutritional area to highlight the nutrient and receive specific recommendations on how to improve results. 
  • Meal Planner, Grocery List and Delivery
    • The Meal Planner feature helps Zipongo members plan healthy meals for the week ahead. Members then have the option to turn their meal plan into a grocery list and have those groceries delivered straight to their door. The best part? Up to four household members can access and update the meal plan and grocery list via web or mobile device. 
  • CookItNow
    • Not sure what you want to cook for dinner? No problem. Get last minute dinner inspiration with Zipongo's proprietary recommendation engine, CookItNow. Click on the foods you already have in your pantry, and Zipongo will generate ideas for easy-to-cook, healthy meals. 
  • Deals
    • Zipongo offers users real-time listings of healthy food choices on sale nearby. Members can search by zip code and select their favorite store. 

Zipongo is free to primary members of a CU Health Plan and up to four household members. 

Visit today to register. After you sign up, make sure to take the NutriQuiz survey to recieve personalized suggestions. 

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