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Dependents of CU employees can save on tuition costs at any CU campus this fall with new tuition benefit

Do you have a dependent who already attends or would like to attend, the University of Colorado? With CU’s new Tuition Benefit program, they now have expanded options to do so.

Explore tuition benefit options

With the introduction of the Intercampus Dependent Tuition Waiver Pilot Program, eligible CU employees now have two tuition waiver benefit options:

  • Option A: Home Campus (Current Employee Tuition Waiver Benefit)
  • Option B: Other Campus (Intercampus Dependent Pilot Program)

Under the current Employee Tuition Waiver Benefit, dependents are required to attend the same campus where the employee works. Beginning fall 2017, the Intercampus Dependent Tuition Waiver Pilot Program grants dependents of eligible CU employees access to attend undergraduate classes on any CU campus, regardless of the employee’s campus of employment.  

If you have questions, want to check your eligibility or apply to use the new Intercampus Dependent Tuition Waiver Pilot Program, visit our website.

Our quick video also offers a detailed run-down of each option, so you can decide which benefit is right for you and your dependent:


Complete the Tuition Waiver Benefit Form

We recently debuted an online form to streamline the application process. The employee must access it via the employee portal, and fill it out on their dependent's behalf. Find instructions here.


Sheana Bull

Hello, I have completed the form but it will not submit. It is telling me that the campuses do not match and therefore it is incomplete. However, I am an employee at CU Anschutz, with a son matriculating at CU Boulder. Thus, I am opting for Option B. And the form cannot be completed, because my campus of employment differs from the campus of benefit. Sigh. If I am completing option B then of course this will be the case. Can you please contact me at 303-807-9800 or via e-mail to help me complete the form so I can obtain my benefit? Thank you.

Employee Services

Hi Sheana!
You can either call 303-860-4200, option 3, or email to speak with a benefits professional who can discuss your personal information and walk you through the process.

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