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Defend your health this season: Get your annual flu shot

The best offense is a good defense - especially when it comes to the flu. That's why Employee Services and Kaiser are hosting campus flu shot clinics for CU faculty and staff this October. 

Learn more about your campus clinics:

Boulder, Denver, Anschutz & System:

CU Health Plan primary members and covered spouses can receive a free flu shot at their campus clinic. Registration is required, and you must present your CU Health Plan ID card (Anthem or Kaiser) upon arrival. If you aren’t a plan member, you can still receive a shot for just $26.

Colorado Springs:

Kaiser Permanente will host clinics at UCCS. These are open to all CU employees and their spouses, regardless of health coverage. Attendees will receive a flu shot with no out-of-pocket costs. Vaccinations are on a walk-in basis, and no registration is required.



PLEASE NOTE: Clinics are for benefits-eligible CU employees and spouses only. Students and dependent children are not eligible.

Schedule and Registration


Payal Patel

I read that students are eligible for this flu shot. I am a dental student and I have school's student insurance. Would I be still not eligible for flu shot?
Thank you.

Employee and Information Services

Hi Payal,
You can find details on other campus clinics at the bottom of this page:
Thank you for writing!

Joanna Arch

You need a BioIQ invitation code to sign up and receive the flu shot - Please provide one!  Thanks

Employee and Information Services

Hi Joanna,
You can find the full instructions and invitation code on this page:
Thank you for writing!

Linda Brooker

signing up for a flu shot

Employee and Information Services

Hi Linda!
You can sign up for a flu shot by visiting this page: 

Alexander Hoehn

great service, but one needs an "invitation Code to sign up at the BioIQ Maxim site. without that invitation ocde with goes nowhere sadly. Please advise.

What is my Invitation Code?
Please contact your Human Resources department for any questions regarding eligibility and instructions to register.
Employee and Information Services

Hi Alexander,
Please visit this page to see full regisration instructions: 
Thank you for writing!

Karen Gebhardt

Hi! To schedule, I am required to enter an "Invitation Code." Where do I find this code?

Employee and Information Services

Hi Karen,
You can find full registration details on this page:
Thank you for writing! 

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