LuAnn Lacey

I actually have had my UCD staff stop using MyLeave as of 7/1/18.  At least half of the time it does not deduct the leave from previous months.  I have had to go back to May 2017 and calculate and manually enter balances that have not deducted up through May 2018.  It has taken hours of my time over the last year to try to keep up on this and manually enter balances and then recheck.  This happens on almost all of my UCD employees and it has happened for the time I also have entered into the MyLeave system.  I have heard at our managers meeting that this is a regular occurrence for all of the managers in the Department of Ob-Gyn.  I would wish that if we have an electronic system that is supposed to make life easier for those of us who manage other staff that this would not occur.  Thank you.