UIS staff volunteer time to benefit universitywide application direction

Wordle of UIS's participation and leadership in Oracle's HEUG
University of Colorado universitywide business applications like Campus Solutions (CS), Finance (FIN) and Human Capital Management (HCM) run on the Oracle PeopleSoft platform. It’s safe to say that when these applications don’t meet the needs of students, faculty and staff, the university is not running effectively from the standpoint of these critical centralized applications. 

For several years now, UIS staff have actively participated in strategic activities that position us as leaders in the higher education community in the PeopleSoft application space, such as regularly contributing to Oracle national and regional conferences and offering presentations on our proven practices to spread knowledge. One of the most important ways UIS staff represent the university to ensure our technology needs are heard is by volunteering time each year to serve on Oracle Higher Education User Group (HEUG) Advisory Groups and committees. Currently, seven UIS staff members serve in a variety of different capacities.

Per the letter the HEUG President recently sent out thanking UIS staff for their time commitment and contribution to influencing the direction of PeopleSoft application modules:

The Advisory Groups are the heart and soul of our community. For example, we could not accomplish the following without representatives such as (UIS staff members):

  • Facilitate communication about specific product features, problems, and opportunities;
  • Solicit feedback from the user community, synthesize that feedback, and convey it to Oracle product strategists and developers;
  • Advocate to Oracle on behalf of the user community for enhancements, new functionality and resolutions to problems;
  • Administer the relevant track(s) at the annual Alliance conference (e.g., soliciting, evaluating and selecting proposals, scheduling sessions, collecting feedback);
  • Attend monthly conference calls throughout the year, and meet in person at the annual conference;
  • Chair or participate in working groups and committees related to cloud monitoring, communications, global integration, volunteering, young professionals and other HEUG initiatives;
  • Attend the annual Advisory Group Summit.

Members may also serve on sub-committees and generally give presentations at the conference (see the UIS presentations offered at the 2017 HEUG Alliance conference). Additionally, UIS staff offer advice and support on our implementation and business processes as requested by member higher education institutions as they look to implement PeopleSoft modules in which we are viewed as experts.   

Having a voice in influencing strategic direction for our critical universitywide applications ensures that CU’s current and future requirements are taken into account when Oracle makes decisions about the  PeopleSoft enterprise system roadmap. UIS will continue to represent the university from the inside with HEUG representation and participation as leaders in the PeopleSoft space in the higher education community.

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