UIS Service Desk significantly improves response and resolution times with new staffing model

In May we reported the results of our System Administration customer satisfaction survey, where many of you expressed concern about the UIS Service Desk’s response and resolution times for tickets. We heard you loud and clear and in March had already implemented a major change at the desk by moving from a student service model to bringing onboard three full-time staff members:

  • William Shelby Jr., Service Desk Team Lead
  • Matthew Barnhart, Service Desk Technician
  • Taryn Butler, Service Desk Technician 

We also retained student Alex Grand as a Service Desk Technician, ensuring a fully-staffed and knowledgeable team, while continuing our mission to support learning and development for our students.

The numbers are in and we’re excited to report a change in response and resolution times. And yes, we’re perhaps being just a bit modest with that statement. Image 1 shows the average response and resolution times for 2015 and Image 2 shows the change for 2016 since our new team has been in place and ramped up. The Service Desk shows a 99.59% decrease in response time over the student services model and an 87% decrease in resolution time. Those are statistics to be excited about! Matt Smith, Assistant Director of System Administration Services, says that “the service desk is finally at a point where we are operationally effective and this is due to hiring top-quality full-time staff. Our staff is highly motivated, knowledgeable and quick to react to our customer’s needs.”

Image 1. UIS Service Desk numbers June 2015

“The service desk is the face of UIS for System Administration and when someone calls, something is already wrong and there is extra work to do to make things right,” states Duane Tucker, Director of Strategic Procurement in the Procurement Service Center. For Tucker, an effective service desk is one with fast response times that is knowledgeable with getting customers up and running again quickly. “The new staffing model noticeably transformed the Service Desk into a professional team with great attitude and effective solutions both on the phone and in person,” says Tucker.

Image 2. UIS Service Desk numbers Summer 2016

Connie Johnson, Chief of Staff, Government Relations, appreciates the level of feedback and outreach the new model brings. “The Service Desk now holds a quarterly meeting with me to share the types of tickets my team opens and also to review their response and resolution time. It’s helpful to see how our team’s usage compares with how others use their services. Also, the service desk now consistently follows up to let me know when it may take longer to get an answer about an open ticket. In the past, I had to inquire about my ticket or I would likely not get a response. We are so dependent on IT these days and the new model allows our teams’ needs to be a priority.”    

“Whenever I contact the Service Desk, I’m always met with smiles and patient, personal service,” states Allison O’Malley, Special Assistant, University Relations. “I can always trust that even if my issue can’t be resolved right away, whoever I’m working with at the Service Desk will research my issue and will follow through. I know I will get a call back in a timely manner with a solution that will keep me working, whether I’m in the office or working from home. And I will always know where my issue is at every step of the process – I won’t have to keep following up to ask when my issue will be resolved.”  

With response and resolution times for service desk calls now under control, Smith is looking to the future. “Now that we have improved our operations, we are looking at new and innovative ways of bringing value to System Administration,” Smith stated. This includes process changes that enable proactive solutions, as well as becoming consultative partners by letting customers know about new technology offerings that are available that may fit their needs. “For example, we will start showcasing new equipment as we did with the Surface 4 Pro tablet and let users try it before they buy it. This is just the start of the proactive offerings that we will be introducing to System Administration within the coming year.”

You can always reach out to the Service Desk staff at help@cu.edu or 303-860-help(4357). You can see their smiling faces on the UIS website or visit them on the 2nd floor of 1800 Grant.

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