UIS continues influential participation in technology provider Oracle’s customer advisory groups

In 2015, UIS’s continued participation in CU’s universitywide administrative systems provider Oracle’s Higher Education User Groups (HEUG) afforded a forum for the team to influence new features, enhancements and professional development opportunities for the vendor’s global user base. HEUG Advisory Group (AG) membership is by appointment only. UIS’s prominent inclusion in these groups marks the team’s exemplary reputation as a university technology provider within the higher education user community.          

As contributing members to HEUG AGs and TAG, UIS has represented CU’s requirements and advanced the university’s technology reputation. Here are just a few of the accomplishments UIS AG and TAG members have achieved during their tenure. Refer to Table 1 for details of these team member’s roles.

Jason Armbruster, Enterprise Architect on the Enterprise Application team, has served for the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) since 2014.  As Track Chair, Jason is responsible for selecting technical track sessions for the annual HEUG Alliance conference, coordinating with presenters and ensuring that sessions go smoothly. He has also contributed to the TAG’s Security and User Experience subgroups with blog articles on security and mobile technologies, notifications to HEUG communities for security events and coordination of a mobile applications webinar.

Lisa Carr, CRM Application Manager on the Enterprise Application team, has served on the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) AG since 2011. As Track Chair, Lisa is responsible for organizing CRM conference sessions Alliance conference. In her current role as Education and Outreach coordinator, Lisa ensures that CRM members are kept informed of updates related to the CRM modules and the proceedings of the CRM group.

Renato Cayuela, Assistant Director, ECS PeopleSoft and Database Team on the Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) team, serves on the Volunteer Committee as Chair. As the new Chair in 2016, Renato is focusing on setting goals and strengthening relationships with the AGs to position the committee to best support their recruitment needs.

Matthew Glover, Admissions Application Manager on the Student Systems team is the Product Enhancement Tracker (PET)/Training Liaison for the Admissions AG. In this role, Matthew influenced delivered admissions functionality included in the upcoming Campus Solutions (CS) 9.2 release. He also provided testing on two Admissions patches prior to general release, helping ensure their effectiveness for release to CU and all CS users. When the SAT score file layout changed in October 2015, higher education institutions were called upon to change their processes to load the score. Matthew provided training to Admissions module users on how to build the score load process based on CU’s developed process.

John Hanna, Student Financials Application Manager on the Student Systems team, was selected to participate in the HEUG/Oracle Campus Solutions Fluid UI focus group. This group’s responsibility was to provide feedback to Oracle on the mobile-friendly self-service functionality planned for CS 9.2. In this role, John involved other application managers from the Student Systems team to provide feedback for their CS module to ensure that CU’s needs across all student modules were addressed.

As Assistant Track Chair for the Student Financials AG, John is responsible for planning the educational sessions that will be presented at this year’s Alliance conference. This work includes reviewing submitted sessions, coordinating voting opportunities with the Student Financials community and deciding on the sessions that will be accepted based on these votes. He is also responsible for scheduling the sessions and working with presenters to ensure they are ready for the conference.

Scott Munson, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, is involved in the HEUG’s strategic planning effort to shape how the Board will partner with Oracle as they make the shift to cloud technology. This marks a higher level of collaboration and impact between the HEUG and Oracle on application direction. Scott also led the charge to include cabinet-level executive leadership networking and education at the Alliance conference in the form of a new invitation-only forum. This new program will debut at the 2016 conference and will provide a venue for executive leadership to share innovative perspectives and practices and build lasting bonds across higher education systems.

Milap Sharma, Enterprise Development Director, provided leadership and direction to the Reporting and Business Intelligence group. He helped connect HEUG’s goals to the work of the group and to keep the AG focused on their deliverables. This effort resulted in the AG presenting two educational webinars and a white paper report on enterprise performance management. Several other webinars and white papers are in progress.

UIS is not the only CU team that participates on HEUG AGs and committees. Vic Goldberg, Associate Director, Financial Aid at CU-Boulder is serving his second term as Track Chair on the Financial Aid AG. Normandy Roden, Director of Finance & Procurement Business Services in the Office of University Controller, was recently nominated and elected to a three-year term on the new Project & Change Management AG. Previously, Normandy chaired the Communications Committee and served on the Membership Committee.

The 2016 HEUG Alliance Conference is held in Seattle, WA March 6-9. Stay tuned to UIS News for more information about CU’s contribution to higher education institution understanding of Oracle administrative systems.

Group Name Title Years
Table 1: HEUG AG member roles
Admissions AG Matthew Glover Product Enhancement Tracker (PET)/Training Liaison 2015-2018
Board of Directors Scott Munson Board member 2015-2016
CRM AG Lisa Carr Education/Outreach Coordinator 2013-2016; 2011-2013
Financial Aid AG Vic Goldberg Track Chair 2015-2018; 2008-2012
Reporting & Business Intelligence AG  Milap Sharma Chair   2015-2018; 2012-2015
Student Financials AG John Hanna Assistant Track Chair 2015-2018
Technical AG  Jason Armbruster Track Chair 2014-2017
Project & Change Management AG (new) Normandy Roden TBD 2016-2019
Volunteer Committee Renator Cayuela Chair 2015-2018

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