Strategic partnerships give CU a seat at the table to influence technology direction

Strategic partnerships with technology vendors help ensure that CU’s needs are heard regarding our enterprise applications. Participating on advisory boards and at vendor conferences are just a couple of ways in which UIS represents CU both to keep up-to-date with the technology of the future and also to remain influential in vendor enhancement decisions for our current applications.

One of CU’s strongest partnerships is with CU Student Integrated Systems (CU-SIS) vendor Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS), which provides our tuition payment billing solution. John Hanna, UIS’s Student Financials Application Manager, recently attended Nelnet’s user conference. Hanna attended several sessions where he gained new skills and information to prepare for upcoming enhancements and feature upgrades. Hanna also presented a session that showcased the work UIS has done on accessibility on CU-SIS applications. In support of CU’s strategic partnership with Nelnet and looking toward the university’s future needs from the application, Hanna had the opportunity to provide input in two important ways.

Hanna is an active member of the Nelnet Business Solutions Advisory Board. During the NBS user conference Advisory Board meeting, Hanna had the opportunity to provide feedback on NBS systems and processes in support of CU’s strategic plans. Hanna also arranged a CU-specific Nelnet site visit this July. Campus and System staff participated in usability enhancement exercises with the NBS User Experience director as well as targeted feedback sessions with NBS Product Development team members to voice specific needs and provide feedback about CU’s use of NBS products. This meeting was so productive that Nelnet is coming back to Denver in the coming months to partner with UIS and CU campus users on fixes to existing issues outside of the normal release cycle. This unique partnership places CU at the table to shape the application to best meet our student’s varied billing needs.

Nelnet is a strong technology partner with CU, along with many others including Oracle and InfoEd. By actively cultivating strategic partnerships, UIS enables the university to influence enhancements and bug fixes, but also provide input on the future direction of critical enterprise applications like Nelnet. 

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