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Skype for Business is Live at System Administration

On June 11, 2016, System Administration upgraded our instant messaging tool from Microsoft Communicator 2007 to Skype for Business 2016. The new tool provides more modern functionality and lays the foundation for future enhancements to how the office can do work.

In addition to typed chats and screen sharing, System Administration staff can now perform video chats and Voice-over-IP calls through their computers. The office can now also chat with campus employees with Skype for Business enabled as their instant messaging application. In the future, Skype for Business will include the following functionality:

  • Staff will be able to participate in persistent chat rooms, which are chat rooms that stay open over time and do not rely on the person who initiated the chat room to be present to continue the conversation. They allow for collaboration and idea sharing for projects, shared interest groups or any type of ongoing discussion you can imagine!
  • Mobile functionality will be available for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Don’t have Skype for Business on your System Administration workstation? Remember that:

  • Windows computers must be on a wired connection, either docked or connected via Ethernet cable for the application to automatically install. You need to manually start Skype for Business from your Start menu the first time around.

  • Macs must contact the UIS Service Desk to have the Lync 11 client installed and configured.

Be sure to check out the user guides on the How To… Guides page on the UIS website. If you are having problems with Skype for Business, contact the UIS Service Desk at or 303-860-help(4357).      

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