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Robust Data Management for People Needing People: Introducing CU-People

CU-People's primary source systems

UIS’s Master Data Management (MDM) tool is now called CU-People. CU-People is a suite of data management applications within a single system that stores basic information about the university’s constituents, however they interact with us. CU-People also keeps track of all of the different university systems that store data about a person and helps these systems work together to identify individuals. Learn about CU-People and how it benefits everyone at CU.

The Benefits of CU-People

The #1 goal of CU-People is to establish a single Constituent ID for a person, eliminating the duplicates that cause problems across CU’s multiple databases (Advance, CU Student Integrated Systems (CU-SIS), Electronic Constituent Relationship Management (eCRM), Human Capital Management (HCM), etc.). It performs “fuzzy” matching of data, which means that it can identify Debora, Debbie and Deb as the same person and merge the record as a single source across all source systems in real time. Because it manages data across so many systems, CU staff can more successfully communicate with constituents throughout their time with the university, whether they begin as a student, staff member, faculty or donor.

How Data in CU-People is Managed

CU-People enables sharing of data between the multiple source systems (where appropriate) and can make decisions about the “best” value for certain data based on set rules. To determine the appropriate rules for CU, we need the help of business people making good business decisions about CU data. The CU Data Management Groups are charged with making decisions like this and support us with developing the business rules behind CU-People. Refer to Data Management Groups for more information.

Recent Changes to CU-People

The CU-People component for finding matching records was recently upgraded, enabling enhanced matching capabilities. Benefits include:

  • Ability to incorporate matching rules used by campus Identity and Access Management systems so that CU-People can combine the best of each campus’s matching rules.
  • Ability to incorporate more pieces of data in the matching, allowing CU-People to better deal with constituents from outside the University (e.g., event attendees and donors).

What CU-People means for CU

What all of this means is that CU-People offers better service to constituents through more accurate, complete and consistent people information in business systems, which translates to improved communication and success interacting with constituents. It also translates to lowered costs of managing multiple person repositories through reducing manual processing of duplicate records.

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