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New Service Framework builds toward a next-level UIS

The New Services Framework project, which University Information Services (UIS) began in early 2019, aims to align UIS services more closely with customer and partner needs while improving internal processes to best serve the University of Colorado.

When the project is complete in 2020, UIS and campus partners will benefit from a holistic view of the delivery channel, a more streamlined and efficient internal process and a more customer-focused organization. This project is in support of IT Governance and Strategic and Annual Plan efforts.

Key objectives of New Service Framework:

  • Overall, optimize UIS as a sustainable, competitive asset for System Administration and the University of Colorado as a whole.
  • Ensure UIS is customer-focused and can effectively and efficiently respond to priorities.

What is UIS seeking to accomplish?

  • Strengthen partnerships with campuses and System Administration across all service lines to more effectively set strategic and coordinated efforts.
  • Create a consistent experience for partners and customers that provides them with visibility to where their requests are in the intake and delivery process.
  • Create understanding within UIS of the strategic priorities, the pipeline of deliverables, metrics, demand capacity, as well as roles and responsibilities.
  • Improve internal processes, training, and accountability holistically.

Project Stages

The New Services Framework project is comprised of three stages that will be executed throughout 2019 and into early 2020.

Stage One: Surveying and Blue Printing - Complete

  • Main activities include: review and assess the current roles and responsibilities, intake methods, metrics used, and list of service offerings.
  • Newly defined high-level frameworks and models will play a key role in the future UIS:
    • Front Door intake process for requests
    • Single Pane of Glass model for representing each service line in a consistent way to our customers
    • Governance structure to support our ability to fulfill the strategic direction of CU and our campus partners
  • Research for standardized training programs.

Stage Two: Foundation & Structure

  • Stage Two will define the department’s future state, which includes updating roles and responsibilities, processes between teams, improvements to UIS’ enabling toolset, arranging steering and working groups across service lines, and ensuring UIS employees have a clear, holistic understanding of UIS service offerings.
  • Metrics to support transparency will be developed, including operational level agreements, service level agreements and health scorecards.

Stage Three: Open House

  • During this stage, UIS will roll-out the new Front Door for intake; the Single Pane of Glass to provide a view of the UIS work pipeline, operational metrics, and service health; and Health Scorecards by service line for external customers and partners.
  • Internally adjusted job descriptions, operational-level agreements, service-level agreements and new UIS onboarding procedures will take effect.
  • Management training will be fully incorporated into roles and onboarding.

After Stage Three completes, UIS will continue to assess and iterate to continually improve.  The path forward will be beneficial to UIS employees, customer partners and CU as a whole. As stages complete, UIS will share findings, successes and more information on what the future of UIS looks like. You can also stay up to date on the project status by visiting the New Service Framework project page.


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