From an idea to you: Projects in the UIS portfolio

Screenshot of the UIS PMO Project/Portfolio Report

UIS is the team behind the universitywide applications and services like the Central Information Warehouse (CIW), the Electronic Research Administration system (eRA), the Enterprise Portal (ES), the Finance system (FIN), the Human Capital Management system (HCM), enterprisewide Student Systems (CU Student Integrated Systems or CU-SIS) and more. Do you ever wonder what we have going on and when you might see new functionality and enhancements?

The UIS Project/Portfolio Report showcases our projects in the planning and execution phases, updated in real time. At least every two weeks, UIS conducts a Project Management Review (PMR) meeting for projects asking to move into the planning (Initial PMR) or execution (Final PMR) phases. Because this report updates in real time, as soon as a project is approved to move to one of these phases, you’ll be able to see what’s coming up that affects you and when it’s expected to go live.

How projects move into the pipeline  

A lot of work goes into preparing for Initial PMR. A UIS Director or Service Owner and the customer work together to build a business case for the project. This business case is presented to the PMR committee, who reviews the proposal against projects in the portfolio pipeline and analyzes the data presented for completeness. If the proposal makes sense for CU, it will be approved to move into planning and will show on the UIS Project/Portfolio Report.

Moving into the Planning phase means that the proposal is now a project with approved resources attached. During this phase, the project manager works with the project team to gather requirements, perform design and architectural reviews, conduct any needed research, build out the execution timeline with resources, and answer open questions that will impact the project before moving into execution. Once planning is complete, it’s time to schedule Final PMR and request the move to execution from the PMR committee. This final phase gate ensures that planning was thoroughly completed and that the customer’s needs will be met by the proposed project plan. It commits UIS to the project goals based on the defined timeline and to stay within the defined budget. If approved, the work begins to bring the application or service to our customer.

The UIS Project/Portfolio Report shows several exciting projects in the UIS pipeline! Check back every two weeks to see what’s happening with projects that are important to you!

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