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Have you weighed in on UIS News' value for you?

UIS has been publishing UIS News for our partners for nearly two years now. It’s time to ask your feedback about how we are doing informing you about how UIS supports the work of the university and you as our partner!

If you haven’t already, we would like to ask you to complete a brief 10 minute survey to help us understand how you use UIS News and what we can do make it better. What stories can we include that will be relevant to you? What format changes can we make so that the newsletter is more easily readable? UIS wants to know!

What we know so far

So far, we’ve had 39 responses, mostly from our System Administration partners. That’s only 4% of our readership and we want to know more!

The top two responses to why our partners don’t read UIS News are that it is too long and that you don’t have time. Several respondents also said that the stories are not always relevant to their jobs.

We know how busy you are and want to make UIS News valuable to you. We’d like to ask your help:

  • Please complete the survey and let us know how we can make UIS News work for you.
  • Please email with recommendations about stories you would like to see included.
  • Let us know if there is a change in format that would make UIS News more readable.

 Making it easier to “read” UIS News : UIS Glossary of Terms

One of the responses to how we can make the newsletter better is that we sometimes use acronyms that are not common knowledge to CU staff. The recommendation was to develop a user guide/glossary to assist with defining acronyms.

Did you know that UIS has a Glossary of Terms available? Find it on UIS’s website at or bookmark it here

We’d love your feedback about additional terms we should include. Email with your recommendations.

Thank you for your help making UIS News relevant to you. You can review past archives of UIS News at

Please email with suggestions, comments and feedback! And please help us out by completing the survey.

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