CU Advancement and Foundation offices now under UIS’s service and support offerings

CU’s Advancement and Foundation staff, located on all four CU campuses and at System Administration, increased operating efficiencies and saved costs thanks to an eight-month-long project that integrated their desktop and network services under UIS’s service and support offerings.

Previously, email, Internet, service desk, network file services and other infrastructure-related services were jointly provided by Advancement IT staff and an external, out-of-state vendor. By bringing these services under UIS, Advancement and Foundation staff now receive support from the UIS service desk both via the phone and at their desktop. Along with support from an internal service provider who understands the needs of higher education users, the integration also brings with it significant cost savings annually, as well as integrating the teams within the universitywide enterprise architecture.

Per Mike Pritchard, Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer with Foundation, functionality System Administration users have always taken as standard are now significant benefits for Foundation staff. “We can now see free/busy information and directly schedule meetings with university employees. We also enjoy single signon for several applications, where before we had to use multiple logins for our applications. These efficiencies, along with the stability of the great customer service from UIS and now being a part of the CU family, make this integration a great move for us.” Pritchard stated that the integration cut Foundations IT spending alone by 2/3rds.   

Another universitywide benefit of the project is that Advancement data is now integrated into CU’s Central Information Warehouse (CIW), where it can be accessed and combined with other major data sets for sophisticated data analysis and reporting. Jason Hunter, Assistant Vice President, Advancement, says that this integration is also an important step for how we’re able to service the needs of CU’s donors and alumni today and in the future. “Advancement’s data integration into the CIW opens new worlds for how we can target donation drives, engage with our alumni and donors and manage the funds they have donated for the best outcomes. As a donor or alumni, imagine only being asked to support causes that you truly believe in. In the near future we will be able to access CU’s full range of data on donor and alumni records. We are on the path to being able to learn what our constituents care about and build Advancement programs tailored to their specific desires for giving. That is the best of all possible scenarios for them and the university.”

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