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Conversing cross-campus using Skype for Business

Last month we announced that Skype for Business went live at System Administration, opening the door for cross-campus collaborative chats authenticating using campus credentials. The first real-world test of this functionality came this month with CU Denver Office of Information Technology Identity Management team members joining UIS in chat sessions aimed at preparing for the August 22 fall semester start. Cross-campus chat is available to all CU staff who have access to the Skype for Business client. Anyone can initiate a chat! You do not need to include a System Administration staff member to chat using Skype for Business.

Here are some tips you need to know to chat cross-campus.

System Administration staff

To find System Administration staff, just start typing their name.

System Administration staff are enabled for Skype for Business, including Advancement. Just start typing a name or email address and their contact will appear under My Contacts.

CU Boulder staff

You must know the CU Boulder staff member’s campus user name to chat with them. If you know the person you want to chat with, contact them directly to confirm their campus user name and if they are a Skype for Business user.

CU Denver / CU Anschutz staff

For CU Denver / CU Anschutz staff, you must type in their full email address to connect. Once connected, you will be able to add them to your contacts, see presence information and chat.

CU Colorado Springs

UIS is in the process of working with UCCS to be able to chat. Stay tuned as we’re close!

Another important feature of Skype for Business, persistent chat rooms, is very close to completion. Look for information on how to use persistent chat in a future edition of UIS News!

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