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Better with Technology: Recent UIS Projects

UIS strives to make the University of Colorado better with technology. This includes projects large and small that make a difference for CU faculty and staff in efficiency and usability. This is especially critical in times like these when we must prioritize additional work, while simultaneously relying more than ever on the tools we use to get work done.

See how these recently completed projects and initiatives are improving life at CU.

Advancement data center move benefits CU

In early 2021, CU System Administration moved four offsite departments into the 1800 Grant St. building to consolidate office space, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s shift to remote work.

 When CU Advancement moved out of its Broomfield offices, UIS assisted with moving Advancement’s data center to an offsite facility co-located with UIS in February 2021. The Advancement move saved the university approximately $23,000.

Advancement’s equipment will remain physically and logically separated from UIS. With this move, the Advancement applications will gain all the data center’s benefits, which include physical security, redundant power and cooling, and improved network bandwidth to campuses.

HCM Primary Job Indicator automates employee record updates

The University of Colorado’s talented employees often hold more than one position at the university to share their expertise.

In HCM, the university’s Human Resources System, it is recommended that employees have a single, marked primary job which is used by several University-wide tools to indicate a person’s primary employee relationship. These tools include, but are not limited to: Cherwell, SalesForce, CIW, company directory, InfoEd and Concur. The primary indicator is important for individuals who have multiple jobs with the University, and allows these other systems to accurately reflect their primary job title, department, etc. Currently, HCM defaults the job indicator values. However, most HCM users do not have the ability to update this within an employee's record.

An automated process, known as the Job Indicator process, was implemented on Feb. 12 in HCM to ensure accuracy for employee records. This new process will run every night to identify which job should be flagged as primary and which job(s) should be flagged as secondary in an employee’s record. It will update employees’ job indicators accordingly, based on the logic in the process. HCM users will also have a method to request that specific employees are excluded from the process, based on special circumstances. View more information here.

Enterprise Backbone improves CU network efficiencies, reduces complexity

The Enterprise BackBone initiative is the 14th and final project of a 4-year Network Remediation effort, that has implemented a modernized, low maintenance, high speed network needed to meet future UIS strategic goals.

Due to prior network design and equipment selection decisions, the UIS network’s complexity required senior technical network resources to maintain and support. This initiative eliminated that complexity and technical debt by collapsing the split routing backbones into a single Enterprise BackBone design, which significantly reduces maintenance and change complexity, and increases reliability, further supports network resiliency, ease of maintenance and change activities.


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