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Better with Technology: Recent UIS Projects

UIS strives to make the University of Colorado better with technology. This includes projects large and small that make a difference for CU faculty and staff in efficiency and usability. This is especially critical in times like these when we must prioritize additional work, while simultaneously relying more than ever on the tools we use to get work done.

See how these recently completed projects and initiatives are improving life at CU.

Student Aid Internet Gateway File automation upgrade:

The Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG) File Automation Upgrade gives CU’s financial aid offices the ability to automate the sending and receiving of Federal FAFSA, Direct Loan and Pell Grant data. This increases reliability and saves significant time and effort for staff. 

Automated Duplicate Resolution:

Until recently, staff from all four campuses were resolving duplicate student record data manually in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CU-SIS). To help staff resolve duplicates more efficiently, data rules were defined by staff. This process systematically moves data to the desired records and deletes the duplicate student record, freeing up resources and time for staff.

Integration Broker Table Data Pump Scripts: 

An Integration Broker (IB) is a middleware that facilitates interactions between applications. The improved data pump scripts will reduce manual steps required to fix missing IB routings, simplify PeopleTools upgrades, improve error handling with alerts within scripts, give users more accurate data and reduce overall post-database refresh checkout times.

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