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Better with Technology

UIS strives to make the University of Colorado better with technology. This encompasses projects large and small – and many make a difference for CU faculty and staff in efficiency and ease of use.

See how these recently completed projects and initiatives are improving life at CU:

Office 365 improves collaboration

Office 365 was introduced to the CU System office in October 2019. The project improved the efficiency of email and chat as a service, increased reliability, increased disaster recovery capability, increased security and created a foundation for future collaboration tools across the University of Colorado. For example, all four CU campus now use the same chat tool, TEAMS, simplifying collaboration. Office 365 helps you connect to others more efficiently, even if you don’t notice it.

Sharepoint sets the foundation for modernized workspaces

Sharepoint was included in October’s Office 365 rollout. Sharepoint is a collaboration tool that helps share and manage content, knowledge and applications. It saves CU money, time and resources. This updated system helps to empower teamwork, makes it easier to find information, and seamlessly collaborate across CU. Plus, this update builds the foundation for more advanced functionality to come.

Password reset is a snap

It was an all-to-common experience for CU System Administration employees: You incorrectly entered your password enough times that you locked yourself out of your computer. Worse, you had to call and sheepishly admit this fact to the UIS Service Desk team. They were happy to help. But, yeesh, there had to be a better way.

And now, there is. In October 2019, the UIS Access and Identity Management Team implemented a tool to allow CU System employees to reset their passwords at any time without UIS Service Desk assistance. It’s efficient and convenient.

Storage Upgrade

The Storage Area Network (SAN) upgrade project will replace, expand and improve UIS digital storage at the 1800 Grant Street, Colorado e-Fort and facilities. This will then allow UIS to grow, add services and facilitate a move toward the cloud.

This work benefits UIS services as well as CU faculty, staff and students because it supports projected future storage, performance and availability requirements and enables more maintenance without interrupting services. It also improves and enables disaster recovery capabilities, and supports cross-campus data co-location and disaster recovery collaboration efforts.

Learn more about UIS projects and initiatives at Current UIS Projects and Initiatives.

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