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Backing up and retrieving lost files stored locally on your Windows or Mac machine is about to get really easy

You’ve got the big meeting in the morning. You’ve been working on your presentation on your laptop all night long. You think about uploading the file to your network drive, but you’re running late and you just don’t have the time. Plus, you can’t take any chances that your wireless won’t connect, so you need the file locally anyway. You take the risk and go get ready for work. The presentation is just a couple of hours away – what could go wrong?

Yeah, famous last words, right?!

Don’t worry! CrashPlan Pro is a local file backup and restore solution for Windows and Mac computer systems. On Tuesday, July 19, UIS will install CrashPlan Pro and once installed, the application runs automatically in the background and as long as you are connected to the Internet, the tool will securely backup your locally-stored data to the cloud so you can quickly self-restore it, when needed. No more lost files! No more worries!

Here is what you need to do

You must be connected to the System Administration network either in the office or through VPN for the initial installation only. The installation will happen in the background the next time you log in beginning Tuesday, July 19. Once installed, it will run automatically and you won’t even know it’s there. Go ahead and have a human moment – UIS has your back.

Here are some things you need to know about the new backup software

Q: Do I still have to save my files to my P drive?

A: You do. Your network P drive is the official repository for CU data. This is the safest place for your files.


Q: I lost a file stored on my computer. How can I get it restored?

A: Refer to Using Crash Plan Pro on the “How to… Guides” page for instructions on how to back up and restore files.

Q: How often are my files backed up?

A: As long as your computer is operational and connected to the Internet, your new and modified files are backed up in 15-minute increments.

Q: Are my files safe?

A: Yes. Your files are encrypted as they are backed up, ensuring that they cannot be stolen by cyber criminals.

Desktop backup is just the beginning of the suite of backup and restore solutions UIS is working on to deliver security and efficiencies for System Administration data stored on network servers. Watch UIS News for more information regarding network backup and restore improvements and efficiencies to move System Administration services to the next level.  

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