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Top 10 Tech Tips of the Year

This week, we’re highlighting the top 10 tips most visited in 2022 by CU staff and faculty — and quite a few people beyond CU according to our analytics!

1. Discover how to create an outlook appointment from an email. 11,146 page views

Have a request that you need to complete by a certain day? Microsoft Outlook allows you to convert email messages into appointments.

2. See how to set Teams quiet hours for better work/life balance. 9,652 page views

Having the Teams app on your phone allows you to answer work concerns anytime, anywhere. But this means that your work hours can flow into your personal life hours.

3. Learn how to avoid sending Zoom and Teams invites. 7,093 page views

Have you ever received a meeting invitation with both a Zoom link and a Teams link? This can lead to confusion with some attendees waiting for a meeting to begin on the wrong platform and is caused by a setting in Outlook online.

4. Learn how to use Snip & Sketch for screenshots. 3,347 page views

Snip & Sketch is an easier way to capture a specific area of your screen and make notations on the image before pasting it directly into any application, document, email or even a Teams chat.

5. Find out how to create and rename your Microsoft Teams chat. 3,178 page views

Creating a Microsoft Teams group chat is a great way to stay connected, collaborate and share files as a group. Up to 100 people can participate.

6. Learn how to copy text from an image using OneNote. 2,990 page views

OneNote supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a tool that recognizes text in an image and even lets you copy the text.

7. Learn how to fix Delay Delivery stalls in Outlook. 2,232 page views

Delay Delivery is a great option when you prepare an email in advance of when you want it sent. A commonly challenge when using Delay Delivery is that the email will only send when the Outlook application is open. Visit the Tech Tip for two workarounds for this problem.

8. Find best practices for effective hybrid meetings. 1,860 page views

After adpting to virtual meetings during the pandemic, we face new challenges to make hybrid meetings effective and inclusive. Best practices for meetings in general, like sharing an agenda in advance, still apply, but this post provides practical tips unique to hybrid meetings.

9. Learn how you can schedule meetings that work for you and your colleagues’ availability. 1,526 page views

You can avoid double-booking meetings with Outlook Scheduling Assistant, which allows you to view your colleagues’ availability. 

 10. Discover how you can notify coworkers when you are out of the office. 873 page views

Microsoft Outlook users can set automatic replies when they are out of the office (OOO). You can notify anyone who emails that you are unavailable to respond.

Additionally, you can find a full list of previous tech tips here. We’d love to hear your suggestion for a future tech tip!


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